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Keeping It Real 

Forays Into The World Of Non-Fiction

Not everyone writes fiction. There are many who prefer to express themselves by contributing to or expanding the body of knowledge in a particular area. Some write about real-life events and situations that strain the bounds of credulity – that seem impossible – that actually happened. Events that, if written as a work of fiction, editors would say needed to be toned down. Non-fiction does not have to be about boring facts – non-fiction has a vibrancy all its own.

Take our inaugural “Keeping it Real” story. A jazzy, with-it mature woman with teaching among her many impressive credentials, decides to spice things up in her life and line her pockets a little by assisting teachers and staff with school-age children ranging in age from twelve to fourteen.

What our author quickly discovered is that things have changed drastically since the days she taught school…here are highlights from the book “Ms. Thang Goes Back to School” by Barbara Miles.

Barbara Miles Ms. Thang
Girl in the Mirror

Up early and excited that first day, Ms. Thang makes certain that she’s ‘dressed for success.’ Looking good and feeling better, she heads for school ready to help the instructor and especially to interact with the students…

Girl Teaching Her Students

…only to find herself of all things…peeling potatoes with no interaction with anyone…

Noisy and Bad Students

Several indignities later came the day she had been looking forward to…she was asked to substitute for an absent teacher…

Things did not quite go as expected…

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