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Welcome to Writer's Ink Inc.

A Place for Authors, Aspiring Writers, and Devoted Readers

African American Woman Writers

Here’s where I let it all hang out – my blog where whatever comes up comes out…everything you read is entirely my own opinion, which you may agree with, or not – after all, I’m Just Saying…

Greetings from Kaycee​

Greetings! Welcome to Writer’s Ink – the place for authors, especially female authors of color. I am Kaycee Whitmore, the creator of this site focusing on all things writing, from story idea conception to story development to story completion and the search for a literary agent to self-publishing to providing a place where interested readers can learn more about your book and where to purchase it.

I have written several books and have found navigating this complex field to be both eye-opening and challenging. Bringing pertinent information to a central location hopefully will help while we have fun as we go along…

Writing is exhilarating, complicated, rewarding, and frustrating – isn’t it good to know you are not alone? Take your time and explore what’s offered…I’m sure you’ll find something of interest… we spend a lot of time by ourselves. This site gives us all the opportunity to expand our horizons and make new friends…

This is going to be fun! I’m looking forward to making new friends and spreading the word among female writers of color… please join me on this journey…

– Kaycee Whitmore (bio)

This is a brand new site, so as a welcome, the first ten people to send me an email will receive a free copy of one of my books.

An Organization for Writers​

Writer’s Ink Inc. is a writers’ online meeting hub, a safe space where writers can meet, think, discuss, submit, learn, advocate, enjoy, laugh, and just have fun doing what they love. 

Share Your Work and Give Feedback

We ask you to share your work with pride and excitement. You can give helpful and insightful feedback to others’ work, too. Here at Writer’s Ink Inc., we’ll help each other reach the top. 


Our organization will try to find ways to help you explore yourself and your work, find an agent, get published, and breakthrough that pesky writer’s block. 


Thank you for coming by. We hope to see you here often! 

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